Ultimate Age Defying Serum - Nighttime

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  • Size: 1oz/30ml

    Our Ultimate Anti Aging Night Serum contains Vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Niacinamide, and Salicylic Acid, some of the leading Anti Wrinkle Ingredients known to help sooth, soften, and forestall the signs of aging before and after they begin.

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For All Skin Types


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Made in U.S.A


If you are looking for expert skin-care, this is it. This Nighttime Serum can be compared to a face-lift in a bottle, helping reduce the signs of aging before they begin while being known to help turn back signs of aging once they have set in. If you are considering a face-lift or other "age-reducing" procedure, try this as an affordable, safer alternative first.

Our Ultimate line is packed with some of the strongest ingredients available, and with over 700 CLINICAL STUDIES vouching for the main ingredients in this serum, we guarantee this facial serum will satisfy you or we will refund your purchase price.

With the leading standard levels of Vitamin C, Retinol, and MSM (as well as Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Niacinamide, to name a few of this serum’s active ingredients), this professional anti aging serum contains many of the world’s best-known anti aging, anti wrinkle ingredients available.

If you are looking for a serum which is flush with world-renowned, aesthetician recommended, high quality natural and organic ingredients which start working the moment they are applied, look no further, because our ULTIMATE line will not disappoint.

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