The Anti-Aging Secret Weapon


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You try your best to stop the hands of time from giving you coarse skin and wrinkles, but it always seems “out of your hands.” Maybe you’ve tried lasers and surgeries, exfoliants and peels, but none of it seems to be working.

For years, it was believed that lasers and chemical peels were the key to revitalized-looking skin.  Now, skin-care experts and dermatologists are researching the negative effects due to these harsh methods.

In fact, there’s a reason these approaches do more harm than good… They can help enable skin damage and advanced aging by removing the skin’s natural barrier and disrupting the face’s pH balance. 

That’s right. Balancing your skin’s pH may be the anti-aging secret we’ve all been looking for.

All About pH

Your skin is naturally acidic, with a pH of 4-5.5 on the pH scale (where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic or alkaline).  This is because the skin on the face has an “acid mantle,” which is a thin film that works as a built-in protective layer of antioxidants. This layer helps protect your face from environmental damage and inhibits bacterial growth and infection.

Harsh skincare products that are too alkaline, like chemical peels and harsh exfoliants, can ruin this natural pH layer. This not only destroys your skin’s natural defense mechanism, but it actually makes it harder for the products you apply to do their job. This can create a vicious cycle of applying harsh products to fix damaged skin, while actually making the skin worse.

The British Journal of Dermatology found in a 2010 study that women with more alkaline skin tended to have more fine lines compared to those with acidic skin. Acidic skin appeared more youthful.

So how do you maintain your skin’s pH while also cleaning and treating it? The solution boils down to using the right products, applied in the right way with these 3 easy tips.

Use your hands.

Always wash your face with your hands. Avoid scrubbing with wash cloths or towels while cleansing. This can further strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving your pores exposed to the harsh bacteria in the world. Instead, use your hands to gently apply cleansers in an upward motion. This upward movement works against gravity, lightly training the skin to stay firm.

When you have applied the cream, use your hands to gently splash water on your face (not like you see in the commercials—your bathroom will get all wet!). Cup your hands and lightly run the water over your face, paying extra attention to remove all of the cleanser (including along the hair and jaw lines). Leaving cleanser residue on your face can eat away at your skin.

Check out your cleanser.

Cleansers are usually the number one culprit of disrupting the pH balance of the skin. You don’t need to be a scientist to figure out if your cleanser is too acidic. You just need to know how it feels.

If you finish cleansing and your skin feels tight, it’s likely a highly alkaline cleanser. This super-squeaky-clean feeling often comes from rough chemicals and a lack of acidic oils. That’s right. You want a cleanser that has fats and oils in it, like olive oil and other oil derivatives. Olive oil is approximately a 6.6 on the acid value scale, which helps your skin to maintain its natural healthy pH.

Our Vitamin C cleanser is filled with olive oil, rose hip oil, borage oil, oregano oil, and tea tree oil, to help maintain that natural pH and keep your skin looking and feeling soft and youthful.

Use a toner.

Toners are one of the best ways to add goodness back into your face after the cleansing step. Toners restore the skin back to its original state and shrink pores to avoid environmental damage. If you are worried about putting oil on your skin because you have a naturally shiny face, a toner can help remove excess oil without stripping your skin or disrupting its pH.

After you have cleansed and toned, a healthy, natural pH will make your skin more receptive to anti-aging serums and moisturizers that can help your skin gain back their youthfulness.

Take a minute to think about how your skin feels after your cleansing routine. Does it feel tight and over-dry? It could be that your routine is damaging your skin’s pH, leading to a higher occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. The first step in age-defying skin is maintaining your face’s natural oil barrier.

Keep your skin acidic and moisturized to look and “pHeel” young, vibrant, and beautiful!

Feel free to email me anytime to ask YOUR anti-aging questions, and I will personally respond.

Have a fantastic day, and as always, “stay young, stay beautiful, and stay true to yourself.”

Ellyn Davis

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