How To Wear Makeup Without Damaging Your Skin


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Have you ever woken up the day after wearing a full face of makeup with your skin looking tired, feeling dry, and popping up with blemishes and inflammation? Makeup can clog your pores and tire out your skin, but the harmful damage of makeup may actually be a much deeper issue.

The chemicals inside your makeup may be hurting your skin in both the short-term and the long-term. There has been a lot of controversy regarding animal testing in the cosmetic industry.


Why is this?

One major cause of concern is that the chemicals in so many beauty products harm animals! If they harm animals, though, they shouldn’t be making it to begin with. Yet, a shocking number of cosmetic companies are able to push these products through testing to the shelves without concern for the effects on skin and overall health.

Did you know that the EU has banned 1,000 carcinogens in their beauty products while the US has only banned 9? In fact, scientists have made chemicals in beauty products even stronger, which means they are more easily absorbed into the skin and can break down the natural acidic protective barrier of the skin (Huffington Post).

Furthermore, certain types of foundation can cause allergies, redness, dryness, acne, and irritation. If not properly washed away, it can also break down collagen and elastin, leaving you with fine lines and wrinkles. So that makeup you’re using to cover up problem spots may actually be the real skin-damaging partner in crime.

So how do you find and apply makeup that won’t damage your face?  

The solution is simple. Go natural! Here are our Tree of Life Beauty™ top 4 makeup tips to keep your skin safe, healthy, and glowing after applying your makeup:


  1. Don’t judge a bottle by its front.

There are only a few regulations on using the words “natural,” “organic,” “healthy,” etc in the cosmetic world. This means that a green bottle with the word “herbal” on it may also be filled with harmful chemicals that could damage your skin and health!

Instead, flip the bottle over and look at the ingredients. Don’t recognize something? Type it into a search engine. If it’s a supplement, great! If it’s an unknown chemical, ditch it. Parabens? Keep moving!


  1. Choose makeup with Vitamin C.

Now you know what to eliminate from your makeup products, but what should you include inside your products? At Tree Life of Beauty™, we believe that if it’s going on your face, it should be helping your skin in some way. There are so many makeup lines that are natural and organic while also enhancing your features!

Although not necessary, choosing a foundation with vitamin C and other antioxidant protection is one of the best ways to mix skincare with makeup. Vitamin C has sun-shielding benefits, which can help protect your skin from wrinkle-causing UV rays (as we keep saying, sunscreen is always a must as well!). Vitamin C is also a natural way to make your skin look more vibrant—which is just want you want out of your foundation! 


  1. Always cleanse and use toners.

Before you apply makeup, always prep your face. If you apply makeup before cleansing, you trap dirt, debris, and bacteria that can clog your pores and seep into your skin.

Cleanse with a gentle soap that maintains your natural pH and apply a brightening, vitamin C toner to minimize pores. If your pores are tightened, the makeup particles aren’t able to get inside your skin. Plus, smaller pores can help make your complexion look even and flawless!


  1. Don’t skip the post-cleanse!

Makeup does the most harm if left on overnight or for extended periods of time. The longer it sits on your face, the longer your skin is dying for a fresh breath of air. When you’re finished for the day, make sure that you gently wash your face with an oil-based cleanser. Oils help to remove makeup without any harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing.

Don’t let your makeup hurt the face it’s supposed to enhance. Protect your health by using organic cleansers, toners, and makeup that brighten and smooth your skin for a gorgeous complexion—with and without foundation!

Feel free to email me anytime to ask YOUR anti-aging questions, and I will personally respond.

Have a fantastic day, and as always, “stay young, stay beautiful, and stay true to yourself.”

Ellyn Davis

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